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The School Leadership Development Programme is open to all Form 1 students who have proven excellent Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.


The University Leadership Development Programme is a 'summer camp' style programme open to Malaysian undergraduates studying in local and overseas universities.


The Young CEO Development Programme is a new development platform under AYTP to design, mould and advance Malaysian youths aged 20-25 to become the CEOs of tomorrow.

Young CEO
Development Programme

Young CEO Development Programme

Discover the

Young CEO Development Programme is a new development platform under AYTP to design, mould and advance Malaysian youth aged 20-25 to become the CEOs of tomorrow.


Applications are now closed.

The Young CEO Development Programme (YCDP) is the third leadership development track under Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP). YCDP is a 2-year leadership development programme open to all Malaysian youths aged 20 – 25 years old that either are undergraduate students, graduates, or young professionals. 

The programme which incorporates the Ax-Factor curriculum in the form of four residential boot camps per year aims to equip participants with both personal and professional leadership skills essential to become world-class CEOs. 

Developing the traits of well-rounded individuals

  • You will improve your leadership competencies through a series of experiential learning, challenging business simulations, and workshops.
  • It is a chance for you to enhance your employability by building up your critical skills – skills such as communication, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • You will get personalised coaching, mentoring, and guidance throughout the entirety of the 2-year programme.
  • You will gain access to learn from insightful knowledge-sharing sessions with distinguished panels of influential business leaders.
  • It is an opportunity for you to network with other top Malaysian students, graduates, and young working professionals from all around the country.
  • Be part of an exceptional alumni association once you’ve completed the programme.
  • It is a chance for you to expose yourself to and test out the latest business and leadership theories at the early stage of your career.

Our programme

  • Critical Skills & Applications

    Strengthen your communication, critical thinking and creativity quotient with workshops conducted by experienced business leaders
  • Online Learning

    Reinforce your understanding on critical and business skills through virtual collaboration and online case studies
  • Business Skills & Simulations

    Exposure to various business simulations and challenges which enable better application of your learning
  • Personalised Coaching, Mentoring & Individual Development Plan (IDP)

    A dedicated coach who support and stretch you at every juncture across the 2 years, helping you to sharpen your skills, improve in self-belief and self-leadership to discover your true potentials
  • Business Immersion

    Opportunity to immerse oneself into skills useful in a business environment at an early stage through programmes such as; Leadership/C-Suite Shadow Programme, design and execute a solution on a digital business platform, add value to a business over an 8-week internship with an objective of sharpening your business acumen skills



What we
look for

  • Attitude

    • What motivates you to go further?
    • Do you stretch yourself beyond your limits?
    • Are you a self-starter?
    • Are you a team player?
  • Self-Management

    • Do you make your own decisions?
    • Have you been spending your time wisely?
    • What is your weakness? What steps have you taken to overcome these weakness?
    • What have you learnt from your past leadership roles?
  • Self-Awareness

    • Are you set on a specific career path? What was your aha-moment? If not, are you exploring many paths currently?
    • What are you doing to equip yourself with the relevant skill set to achieve your desired career destination?
  • Interest and Activities

    • What are you passionate about? What have you done to pursue these passions?
    • Do you believe in a cause?
    • What sort of activities do you enjoy?
    • Recreational sports? Intellectual discussions? Computer games?

Who can

  • Malaysian citizenship
    , or Permanent Resident.

  • Undergraduate students, graduates, and young professionals age group of 20 to 25.

  • Exceptional performance in both academics and extracurricular activities.

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