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The School Leadership Development Programme is open to all Form 1 students who have proven excellent Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.


University Leadership Development Programme, or ULDP in short, is a fifteen-day ‘summer camp’ style leadership development programme for Malaysian undergraduates.

Young CEO Development Programme, or YCDP in short, is a two-year leadership development programme for Malaysian young professionals.

University Leadership
Development Programme

University Leadership Development Programme

Nurul Nazurah

Nurul Nazurah Asaraf

Nurul Nazurah Asaraf

Batch 3,

University Leadership Development Programme, 2015

BSc. Management, LSE University

As a person who initially had very low self-confidence with public speaking and working under pressured environments, ULDP has definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Every challenge that I encountered translated into valuable lessons and experiences and I was able to greatly benefit from such insight.

As a management student, the content of ULDP provided a different decision- making perspective and approach in tackling business- related problems. This allowed me to view business contexts in a more holistic approach. In addition, the teamwork skills, such as systematic communication, helped me to engage better in numerous group projects during the university year. The facilitators, mentors and participating alumni pushed me to bring out the leadership skills within me that I definitely would not have recognized myself.

On top of attaining and enhancing skills such as public speaking and creative thinking, I’ve also gained friends that I am confident will continue to guide each other in our journeys to be the next generation of CEOs. Despite the hours of debates and sleepless nights, strong bonds of friendships were created throughout the two weeks. It was definitely an experience I will continue to cherish.

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