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The School Leadership Development Programme is open to all Form 1 students who have proven excellent Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.


University Leadership Development Programme, or ULDP in short, is a fifteen-day ‘summer camp’ style leadership development programme for Malaysian undergraduates.

Young CEO Development Programme, or YCDP in short, is a two-year leadership development programme for Malaysian young professionals.

School Leadership
Development Programme

School Leadership Development Programme


Cheng Yen

Cheng Yen is a highly intellectual student from Cempaka Cheras School. She is well known among her peers to be an individual that is able to contribute to team projects by providing constructive feedback that is critically and creatively thought through.

If I had to sum up my journey as an Axiata scholar, it would be this: one filled with endless opportunities and priceless experiences. Because of Ax-Factor, I had acquired so many new skills that I would not have discovered had it not been for the programme; To be a competent leader, to construct and convey ideas effectively, and to manage myself before managing others.

These skills proved to be relevant and applicable even in high school, where I had the privilege to take up leadership posts. Through Ax-Factor, I was brought out of my comfort zone where I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses. This was especially true during the business simulations. Being put through these simulations were such great eye-openers to the real business world. Like I said earlier on, such priceless experiences.

These experiences were made possible only because of the commendable Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) team; the most friendly and supportive people one could ever hope to learn from. To the AYTP team, thank you so much for nurturing me into the person I am today. 

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