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The School Leadership Development Programme is open to all Form 1 students who have proven excellent Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.


University Leadership Development Programme, or ULDP in short, is a fifteen-day ‘summer camp’ style leadership development programme for Malaysian undergraduates.

Young CEO Development Programme, or YCDP in short, is a two-year leadership development programme for Malaysian young professionals.

School Leadership
Development Programme

School Leadership Development Programme

Ain Nurfitrah Bt
Aidrul Hisham

Ain Nurfitrah Bt Aidrul Hisham

Ain Nurfitrah is a highly accomplished student and is a great communicator who loves to take part in debating and public speaking competitions. Ain is a capable and respected leader among her peers, and was appointed as the Head Girl of 2016 at Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka.

"We can’t become what we want to be, by staying the way we are." Those are words that I live by.

So when I wake up every morning, I tell myself that the beginning is always today and in order to see changes I need to make one today. With that being said, I owe this all to the Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) for giving me the opportunity to prepare myself towards becoming among the nation's top contributors. This never-ending yet significant journey has helped with my personal development as it pushes the limits of what I thought I can do.

The programme has been a platform for me to build my self-confidence in communication. For example, we normally start the class with ice-breaking session which allow me to give an impromptu speech. Presenting ideas in front of the crowd and being exposed to many speaking opportunities have also improved my communication skills and made me more approachable as a leader.

As the Head Girl of Kolej Yayasan Saad, I also put into practice, all the leadership skills and logical framework that were taught to improve my leadership style. This programme has also provided me chances to be involved in community services. Truly, it has given me the opportunity to serve the society in return of the skills gained through AYTP. All in all I would say that the AYTP modules really did challenge my mind and abilities.

AYTP has given me the exact experience I was looking for. I am so incredibly grateful to be part of this programme. Indeed I had tons of fun and learned unimaginable amount of things.

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