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The School Leadership Development Programme is open to all Form 1 students who have proven excellent Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.


University Leadership Development Programme, or ULDP in short, is a fifteen-day ‘summer camp’ style leadership development programme for Malaysian undergraduates.

Young CEO Development Programme, or YCDP in short, is a two-year leadership development programme for Malaysian young professionals.

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Alumni Association 


Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) Alumni Association was formed in December 2015. Presently, the association has over 300 members from a diverse range of backgrounds spread out across the globe.


Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) Alumni Association aspires to be a leading organisation made up of leaders that are passionate about nation building, and aspire to contribute back to Malaysia and the world.


The purpose of the Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) Alumni Association is to predominantly provide support for its alumni by connecting and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) and its alumni.

The AYTP Alumni Association helps connect alumni from AYTP’s various programmes and cohorts through a wealth of activities centred around:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Social Responsibility

Alumni Association 
Council 2015/2016

  • Ganesh Muren

    Ganesh Muren


    A CEO of his own social startup called Saora Industries, Ganesh is passionate about uplifting the lives of families living in impoverished conditions and has dedicated his early 20s to this cause. Saora Industries brings clean drinking water to communities living in rural areas cut off from the local piped water system through an ingenious solar powered water filtration device.

    “AYTP had awarded me a great opportunity by offering me a place in the pioneer cohort of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP). There, I not only learnt about new business concepts and tools, but I also learnt what brotherhood means. My greatest friendships were made at the two-weeks I spent in Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson, and it is this that pushed me to run for the President position in the AYTP Alumni Council. It’s evident that the programme produces leaders for Malaysia – leaders that will someday bring Malaysia’s name up internationally for good reasons – and that is why it’s important my council and I lead and run programmes for the alumni to continuously develop themseleves.”

  • Akram Yusof

    Akram Yusof

    Vice President

    A student of University Tenaga Nasional (UniTEN) pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and current Perdana Fellow serving the Integrity, Good Governance, and Human Rights division in the Prime Ministers Office, Akram Yusof aspires to be a change maker capable of influencing positive change on a national level for Malaysia.

    “I was driven to run for the Vice President position of the AYTP Alumni Association Council as I believe that I still have much to contribute back to Axiata for the many opportunities they have given me. I also believe that there is much for me to learn and gain from Axiata still. Most of all, the alumni are like an extended family to me – a group of individuals I hold dearly to my heart. And for the ones you love, you would always try to find ways to contribute to them in any way possible.”

  • Awatif Ghapar

    Awatif Ghapar


    A Senior Analyst at Leaderonomics, Awatif is well-versed with organising and running development programme for young adults and undergraduates. Prior to her career at Leaderonomics, she was an Associate Consultant in Advisory Services at Ernst & Young where her main focus was on People & Organisation Change. Aside from her exciting career path, Awatif is also a co-founder of two NGOS – Dapur Jalanan Waste Team and Happy Bank Crew – where her passion for environmental conservation, poverty uplifting, and leadership empowerment had developed.

    “The vast learning and networking opportunities sparked my interests to run for a position in the AYTP Alumni Association Council. I specifically ran for the Secretary position as I believe this position gives me access to witness and be part of all processes happening in the Council set up. It is an informal and indirect learning for me dealing with different stakeholders namely the AYTP team, Council members, the alumni and partnering organisations. I get to learn on the best practices from all these groups that are working together. Besides, I also benefit tremendously from the programmes planned and executed under the Council not to mention the good networking relationships built along the way.”

  • Shu Jing

    Shu Jing

    Regional Chapter Leader

    A student that has big ambitions to join either the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, Shu Jing is a proud alumni of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP).

    “Being a science student with no business-related background, ULDP was an eye-opening experience, and is one that I still cherish until today. When Axiata introduced the idea of an alumni programme, I knew that not only it was the perfect chance for me give back to AYTP, but more importantly I will be able to play an active role in maintaining the bond we built over 15 days. As I am studying in the UK, I felt that it was extremely important to be able to keep the alumni studying or working abroad within the loop. That was my biggest motivation to run for the position as Regional Chapter Leader.”

  • Sorfina


    Regional Chapter Leader

    A cheerful and bubbly individual, Sorfina is the life party and is loved by everyone at AYTP. She is presently a student at Queen Mary College, University of London, pursuing a MEng in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications.

    “The main reason behind me running for Regional Chapter Leader was so that I could help to ensure that the alumni stay connected. I'm very much into exploring how connected we are to each other and it excites me every time I learn that someone I've just met is actually friends with another friend of mine and the familiar "It's such a small world!" commotion comes about. I also wanted to be a part of something which prides itself in making sure that the valuable lessons learnt through AYTP does not go to waste and helping the alumni keep that same spirit and fire, from their relevant programmes, alive.”

  • Kenneth Chung

    Kenneth Chung

    National Chapter Leader

    A management consultant at Ernst & Young, Kenneth has experience in the Education and Energy sectors respectively. An individual that is highly spirited and passionate about law, Kenneth is also the co-author of The Hotshot Series: The Legal Line, touted as the “ultimate compendium of advice from the actual industry to inspire, inform and illuminate”.

    “I hope to one day enter public service. Specifically, in the Ministry of Education, conceptualising and carrying out education reforms for the country. Education has been one of the sectors which I'm most passionate about, and one which I feel I have achieve the most change. I ran for the National Chapter Leader position because I want to give back to the community which gave me so much in the first place. The Axiata family has always been very supportive of my growth, inside and outside the ULDP programme. It seems only natural that we should contribute to make the community a better place!”

  • Nadia Ismadi

    Nadia Ismadi


    A young professional responsible for marketing and client services in a global asset management company, Nadia has big ambitions as she aims to pursue entrepreneurship and make her mark in the financial technology sector in the near future. Nadia is also a strong advocate for women empowerment, having started the Inspiring Orchid organisation earlier in the year.

    “I am part of the pioneer cohort of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP), and I must say that the programme has benefitted me tremendously! The programme had provided me a platform to learn and develop myself in a challenging controlled real-life setting. I was also selected as one of the Top 20 Performers then, and was awarded an internship placement at Smart Axiata in Cambodia. Having said all that, I was eager to contribute back to AYTP and that’s why I ran for the Treasurer post in the council. I truly am honoured to be a part of the AYTP family!”

  • Siti Zahira

    Siti Zahira


    An individual that is passionate and enthusiastic about developing the nation through human capital, Zahira is the current custodian of TalentCorp Malaysia’s myASEANinternship programme. Zahira’s first encounter with Axiata Foundation was through the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP). She is part of the second cohort, and it is there that she claims her curiosity and interest about the world of business grew.

    “To all the brave hearts out there, you know that your journey to the finish line is not easy. But you’ll eventually find that all the sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears are only check points in life that are in place to make you stronger. As an executive committee member of the AYTP council, the work we do, the activities we run are all in hopes to enrich the lives of our alumni members. Truly, the difference in culture, race and professionalism promotes the advantages of diversity in a team. Under the council, there is no better way to test your limits on the personal and professional front.”

  • Wan Iskandar

    Wan Iskandar


    A recent graduate that aspires to be an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, Wan Iskandar is part of the second cohort of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP). Currently on his gap year travelling and working around the world, Wan Iskandar is exposing himself to the various cultures and lifestyles the world has to offer – gaining knowledge and experiences of which he would like to incorporate into his future business undertakings.

    “I have always been impressed with AYTP and its various leadership development programmes, and that’s why I ran to be part of the AYTP Alumni Association Council. Through ULDP, I met individuals who have inspired me with their passion and drive to develop future talent for Malaysia – so that someday in the near future, Malaysia will make its mark in the international world of business. As part of the council, I am allowed the opportunity to actively contribute ideas and run programmes for the alumni, and that I am happy for!”

  • Farah Liza

    Farah Liza


    A proud owner and Head Chef of her own restaurant called Vibes Cafe & Bistro in Glenmarie, Farah Liza is eager to bring her business to the next level so that many more Malaysians can enjoy her dishes. Although busy with her restaurant, Farah Liza is still keen and adamant to venture into other industries like journalism and photography.

    “AYTP has done so much for me, from the first day of the Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP), right up to today! I even interned with the AYTP management team in 2015, which ingrained the leadership competencies in me further. I must say, what I like most about the AYTP Alumni Association is how a group of people could give out such robust positivity throughout a team and throughout the alumni. We constantly inspire and get inspired by one and another, as all of us have each other's best interests at heart. All of us have our own stories to be shared and with the diversity the association and the alumni has, the exposure is just incomparable.”

  • Daniel Chuo

    Daniel Chuo


    An undergraduate engineering student at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UniTEN), Daniel is a warm and friendly individual who aspires to be an entrepreneur of sorts.

    “The idea of building the AYTP Alumni Association from the ground up, with more than a handful of ideas to be implemented excited me! The association houses some of the brightest and most talented individuals, all wanting to make their mark on society, and that is what the council aims to facilitate!”

  • Christine Low

    Christine Low


    An International Business and Marketing student at Taylor’s University, Christine is a goal-oriented individual who is determined to give her best in any project she undertakes. A strong advocate of women empowerment, Christine aspires to be an entrepreneur and café-bakery owner that employs single mothers and orphans in need.

    “Everyone is an author. They write books called ‘Life’ which contains their experiences, hardships and breakthroughs. It is interesting to read each book as it is both unique and inspiring.”

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